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Hannah is committed to centering climate and racial justice in every conversation and policy possible.

Housing for All

Housing is at the foundation of health, racial justice, and long-term economic stability. Housing is a human right.

  • Advocate and push for rent stabilization through policy and new housing creation 

  • Create more stable, long-term, and fair housing options for our neighbors experiencing houselessness. Advocate for a true Housing First approach. 

  • Push for the expansion of code enforcement to ensure tenants are in safe rental units and problematic landlords are held accountable.

Image by Daryan Shamkhali
Image by Emily Underworld

public Safety

Compassionate public safety that works for all Burlingtonians.

  • Center community trust, restorative practice, and compassion in our public safety discussions. 

  • Advocate for investing in hiring trained professionals to respond to mental health related calls. Sworn and armed police officers should not be the front line of mental health issues. 

  • Ensuring resources are available for basic levels of community policing and 21st century police training.

Economic Justice & Vitality

Fighting for a more fair and just economy.

  • Advocate for a guaranteed minimum income. 

  • Support raising the minimum wage to $15+ an hour

  • Support workers and small businesses by investing in recovery and economic development initiatives.

  • Support fair contracts for Union Labor and ensure a healthy pension fund.

Image by Tim Mossholder
Teacher Assisting a Student

Our Neighborhood

Bridging the divide between students and long term residents.

  • Continuing to facilitate student and long-term resident conversations surrounding our shared neighborhoods. 

  • Offer a standing monthly meeting for students and long-term residents to gather and talk about our shared issues.

  • Hold UVM accountable for taking responsibility for the quality of life and safety issues.

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