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My name is Hannah King, I’m a renter, student, and daughter of a single mother. My father was a construction worker, and my mother is a healthcare worker and proud member of 1199SEIU. I understand the struggles so many of my Ward 8 neighbors face because I’ve lived them myself. I’m running for City Council to be a representative leader that listens and is responsive, is thoughtful in their approach to solving complex problems, and, frankly, just puts real progress before politics as usual.

I believe we can solve our deepest challenges through working together and listening to each other.  I’ve worked tirelessly on behalf of our Ward 8 neighborhood serving as a Steering Committee Member on the Wards 1 and 8 Neighbourhood Planning Association, and as the Ward 8 Representative on the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Board. Through these roles, I’ve had the opportunity to help expand language access to some of our community's most important events, such as assisting in organizing Vermont’s first live translated mayoral forum.



As a community organizer, I have built teams that have registered over 500 new voters and have had the opportunity to serve on the BTV Low Barrier Homeless Shelter Advisory Board where I led supply and donation drives for our neighbors experiencing houselessness. As well as working to strengthen relationships between students and long-term Burlington residents by creating a pen pal program to encourage productive dialogue within Ward 8. I’ve also worked closely with my neighbors and university leaders to de-escalate problematic situations in our student dense neighborhoods.

Growing up, I never thought I would run for office. After having the privilege of serving our Ward 8 community for the last four years I’m now prepared to continue my service as the Ward 8 City Councilor.


Join me,

Hannah King